Learning Media Development of Foklore Text Which is Based on Digital in the 10th Grade of Vocational High School PAB 1 Helvetia
Yogi Andriyan Zunaeidy

Translation Shift in the English Version of Musabaqah Tafsir Quran
Muhajirah Binti Jamaluddin

Types of Lexical Creation in Iis Dahlia’s Slang Words in Mamaku Hits
Filzah Farhana Hasibuan

The Effect of Learning Strategies and Achievement Motivation on Entrepreneurship Learning Outcomes of Scout Special Unit Education and Culture Program BPPAUD and DIKMAS Sumatera Utara
Johanes Pasaribu

Analysis of Student’s Science Process Skill on Respiration System Topic in Langsa City – Aceh
Ajeng Lola Prianti

Meaning Equivalence in Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s Translation of Surah al waqiah from English into Indonesian
Wirdatul Mardhiah

Developing an Authentic Assessment Instrument of Exposition Text Based on Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in Class X Students of Senior High School
Yuli Novita Sari

Sentence Acquired by Children of 2 – 2.6 Years Old in Bilingual Environment
Laura Agustina Simamora

Development of Study Peripheral Base on the Realistic Approaches to Increase Ability of Mathematical Reasoning of Student Junior High School State 6 Medan

Effectiveness of Ecology and Environment Textbook Based on Science Literacy and North Sumatra’s Local Potency to Improve High School Student Science Literacy
Ivandi Sitompul

Deposit Determinant Analysis in Bank Sumut
Mangaradot Saur A Sinaga

Development of Teaching Materials Based on Guided Discovery Learning Methods to Increase Mathematical Problem Solving Ability
Rianta Ananta Sitepu

Development of Mathematical Learning Devices Based on Model Problem Based Learning (PBL) to Improve Mathematical Communication Skills of School IT Jabal Noor Students Class VII
Rizka Putri Rahayu

Development of Thematic Teaching Materials Based on Local Culture at The Fourth Grade of Primary Schools in North Padang Lawas District
Rahimul Harahap

The Maintenance of Mandailing Language Kecamatan in Torgamba
Putri Nurul Rahmadani Siregar

Enhancing Students Mathematical Conceptual Understanding by Applying Guided Discovery Learning and Direct Learning Model
Sri Rahwany Marbun

Development of Learning Devices Based on Realistic Mathematic Education to Improve Mathematical Communication of Students at Senior High School
Karina Hajar Hutasuhut

The Developing of Interactive Learning Media in Improving The Learning Creativity of 4-6 Year-Old Playgroup Students in PAUD Kenanga Raya Medan

The Influence of Learning Approaches and Interest in Learning Against the Results of Learning English in Class VIII Medan SPK Middle School T.A 2018/2019
Juni Triana Sitompul

Determinant Analysis of Sharia Banking Efficiency in Indonesia
Rahmat Putra Ahmad Hasibuan

The Development of Interactive Instructional Media Based on Behavioral Perspective to Improve the German Skills of Senior High School Students Grade X
Hadijah Handayani Sibuea

Development of Guided Inquiry Green Chemistry Practicum Guides
Ekin Dwi Arif Kurniawan

The Development of Adobe Flash Media Integrated Problem Based Learning on Salt Hydrolysis
Indriati Aulia

The Effect of Learning Strategy and Interpersonal Communication on the Students Achievement Reading Comprehension English Language at SMP Negeri 1 Selesai Kabupaten Langkat Tahun Ajaran 2018 / 2019
Husna Lubis

Cognitive Consideration in Persuading Readers in Argumentative Writing
Betharia br. Sembiring Pandia

The Role of the Single Mother of Parenting in Informal Education in Javanese Ethnic Families in Kualuh Hulu District Labuhanbatu Utara Regency
Suriyanti Siagian

Understanding of Female Prisoners Character Education Through Formal Socialization at Labuhan Ruku Penitentiary
Dian Puspita Sari Sirait

Local Wisdom-Based Education Marsialapari Salak Farmers Sibangkua Angkola Barat Tapanuli Selatan
Desy Andarini

Rituals at the Tomb of Datuk Darah Putih as a Media for Nonformal Education to Respect Ancestors (Case Study Chinese Ethnic in Aur Village Medan Maimun District Medan City)
Gadis Anastasia

Interactive Multimedia-Based Learning Materials Innovation for Teaching Basic Techniques in Analysis
Yuni Chairani

The Effect Model of Learning and Learning Interest Against the Results of Learning the Knowledge of Nature Primary School (SD) in Medan T.A 2019/2020
.Mida Lishanata /em>

Development of Interactive Media in Arabic on the Material Read Class VIII of MTs Darul Hikmah T.A 2019/2020
Nurul Amri

The Influence of Leadership Behavior, Work Motivation, Job Stress, and Job Satisfaction on Lecturers’ Performance

Developing Big Book as Reading Materials Based on Thematic Approach for Fourth Grade Students at SD Negeri 028068 Binjai East Binjai Regency Langkat

The Development of Textbook Based on Research About the Insect Pollinator on Chili Paper (Capsicum annuum L.)
Fitriatul Aspahani

Gratitude Expressions and Responses used by the Characters in the Vow Movie
Sabrina Octavia Pandiangan

Subtitling Strategies Used in The Meg Movie Texts
Devi Sucina Nirwana

Lexical Metaphor in Novel and Film Critical Eleven
Indah Christiani Silitonga

The Types of Modality in Teaching Learning Process
Harnida Tanjung

The Effect of Teaching Strategies and Students Motivation on Reading Comprehension Achievement
Zulkarnain Batu Bara

The Types of Flouting Maxim by Governor Candidates of North Sumatera in Election Debate 2018
Tri Wita Indah Sari

The Effect of Teaching Strategies and Students’ Interest on Reading Comprehension of Recount Text of Eighth Grade Students of MTs Qur’an Kisaran
Ahmad Fauzi

Flouting Maxims in the Courtroom of Administrative Court
Aminah Ari Fadhila

Development of Adobe Flash Learning Media Based on Cooperative Learning to Improve Student’s Spatial Ability at Chandra Kumala Secondary School
Fajar Sukma Harsa

Improving Results in Learning Bahasa for Poetry Readings with the Implementation of a Direct Learning Model for Fifth Grade Elementary School
Dr. Mayske Rinny Liando, S.Pd., M.Pd

Development of Learning Materials Based on Problem Based Learning to Improve Students Problem Solving Ability
Poppy Amalia

Analysis Of The Economic Bilateral Relationship Indonesia – China On Balance Of Payments In Indonesia
Sri Wulandari

Community Participation in Preservation of City Park The Case of Binjai City, Indonesia
Widya Afriani Wiliskar

The Types of Gender Arguments in Instagram (A Case Study of Donald Trump’s Political Status)
Putri Permata Sari Samosir

The Analysis of Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism by Exchange Rate Channel in Influencing The Inflation in Indonesia
Putry Sari Rahmadyah Pulungan

Translation Technique Applied in Translating the First Call from Heaven Novel

Education Cultural in Bona Pasogit (Ethnographic Study of Education Cultural Inheritance in the Toba Batak Society Marga Panjaitan in Pematangsiantar)
Tripresar Jhon Tuan Panjaitan

Evaluation Of Tiered In Order To Increase PAUD Teacher Competence In Medan City
Rehmenda Christy

Women Politeness Strategies of Bargaining “Media Credit Store” in Tanjung Morawa
Nahdyah Sari Daulay

Toba Batak Language Shift in Rantau Selatan
Helfi Vinawari S

Development of Interactive Multimedia Digital Storytelling in English Subjects

The Effect of PLAN (Plan, Locate, Add and Note) Strategies on Students’ Achievement in Reading Comprehension
Neneng Nurhamidah

Unggah-Ungguh Code Switching in Kartini Movie
Yutika Sari

Metaphors in Umpasa of the Toba Batak Wedding Ceremony
Sactica Oktavyani Sagala

The Effect of Model learning and Gender Against Piano playing Skills for class V SMK Negeri 11 Medan T.A 2019/2020
Gufran Nurman

The Effect of Cooperative Learning Model Based on Aceh Culture to Improve the Generic Science Skills of Student
Safitri Raufa

Gender Conversation in Workplace Context
Aisyah Fitriani Dasopang

Management and Development Quality of Teacher Performance Through Teacher Competence in the First Middle School in Banda Aceh
Faisal Anwar

Modality used in Beauty Product Advertisements on Instagram Caption
Indah Eka Sari

Attitudinal Appraisal in Ahok’s Speech
Firdha Sabrina

Appraisal Attitudes by the Judges on Indonesian Idol “Grand Final” Session
Mieta Setieya

The Development of Virtual Laboratory-Based Learning Media of Biology on The Topic of Bacterial for High School Students

Analysis of Economic Opening on Rupiah Exchange Rate on United States Dollars (2008-2018)
Sri Wahyuni

The Manners of Cognitive Process in Translating English Phrasal Verbs Into Indonesian
Fitri Ervina Tarigan

Javanese Addressing Terms Maintenance by the Teenager Speakers in Bukit Malintang
Sudarti Rahayu Nings

Appraisal in Students’ Argumentative Writing
Ika Vanesia Siagian

Speech Pauses Used by Male and Female Students in English Oral Examination
Lamia Deareni

The Development of Guidance and Integrated Science Practicum Kit Integrated Guided Inquiry Model bases Science Process Skills for Class VII Semester I
Fretty Nafratilova Hutahaean

Analysis of Biomolecular Practicum Guides According to KKNI Curriculum
Nurul Indah Pratiwi

The Cognitive Process of Different Gender in Writing Argumentative Text
Surya Teriadi Tarigan

The Development of Chemistry Lab Guide Book for High School Based on Guided Inquiry to Measure Scientific Attitudes and Science Process Skill
Gorat Victor Sibuea

The Unnaturalness of the Translatio of Indonesian Tourist Resorts Signs Into English in Parapat and Bukit Lawang
Iis Aprianti

Grammatical Error of Speech by Students in Bilingual Program of Ma’had Al Jami’ah UIN North Sumatra
Riyah Shibha Nasution

Speech Functions Used by Male and Female Tour Guides in Their Touring Interaction with Tourists in Bukit Lawang
Widya Ningsih

Analysis of the Influence of Economic Openness to Indonesia Growth
Zando Silaban

Design Development and Standard Operational Procedure for Training Model Management of 3 Diploma Mechanical Enginering University of Medan
Mindo Judica Pangaribuan

The Euphemism in “Sambah Manyambah” Tradition of Minangnese Wedding Ceremony
Muhammad Fauzi

Analysis of Factors That Influence the Interdition of District/City in the Province North Sumatra
Muhammad Yulhelmy Isra

Development of Interactive Learning Media Based on Adobe Flash CS 6 in Geographic Lessons
Mardimpu Sihombing

The Comparison between Predict Observe Explain (POE) and Think Pair Share (TPS) Learning Model on Students Learning Achievement, Activity, and Critical Thinking Skill on Human Circulatory System
Remli Nelmian Simarmata

Metaphor Translation in English and Indonesian Version of Surah Ali Imran
Uswatun Hasanah